This is usually my Christmas tree but during the year I have it decorated with the bats I've made...I call it 'Tree Haven'....I'm a huge 'Silverwing' fan. I recently started making these bats to hang on my tree, trying to make them all different because there are so many different species of bats. Some of the bats seen here are my collection of Beanies :o) If you'd like to see my bat dolls up close click on their names below. There's a description of each bat.
I love bats....the way they look, their characteristics, and how they play such an important roll in our ecosystem link. They eat thousands of insects a night, saving our crops from being destroyed. They help to pollenate flowers and fruits trees. As well as other benefits to humans and the environment. They are a creation of God's but are sadly being mistreated because people make them out to be evil creatures of the night, flying out of hell, or as a scary halloween icon.  In movies they're shown as animals that should be feared. In art, demons are usually depict with bat wings....and the list goes on of negativity associated with these beautiful ones. I really hate all those misperceptions because it produces the unnecessary killing and torturing of these important, innocent mammals. Check out the bat resources at the bottom of this page.
This is Van Gogh, a little Mexican free-tail bat I adopted at BatWorld link that was tortured with a lighter by three boys after a lightening storm ( link for the full story). Look how cute he could anyone want to bring harm to him? It really breaks my heart. Please if you have a few extra bucks, adopt a bat and help support for the care of these beautiful animals.
Batworld has a lot of information about the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphan bats. As well as info about bats in general, & loads of pics. They do amazing work and it all started off with one woman who found an injured bat on the sidewalk. If you don't check out any of my other links, please check this one's so worth it!!
Permission given by Amanda Lollar, Founder/President
Bat World Sanctuary via email.
My favourite bat site
This site has info about bats in the Bible. And bat tracks that they give out for free.
Sooooo cute and funny!
Ok these are books for teens but they're soooo good!! If you love bats you're going to love reading the 'Silverwing' saga. There are three books: Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing by Kenneth Oppel.
Today (6/9/05) I adpoted another bat at BatWorld link.
Her name is Annie. She's a big brown bat. She was given to Batworld Sanctuary by a science center who had her on exhibit under bright lights during the day. She was neglected and on the verge of dying when they received her ( link for the full story). Her story is incredible, she overcame! It will certainly bring a tear or two.
This is Annie when she first arrived at BatWorld.
This is Annie now after BatWorld gave her the love and attention she needed.
I also adpoted a bat at Bat Conservation International. There's no story to go along with the adopted but I was able to choose the type of bat I want to adopt, which is the Leaf-nose bat.....soooo adorable! So now I have a membership with them and will receive a bat magazine for a year.....WOOT! As well as a photo and 'I love bats' bumper sticker....and lots more! invites to their workshops :o)
Click on the image to visit their website.
Permission given via copyright release 6-15-05.
Bat Conservation International is an amazing bat resource site. They do amazing work in recuing and preserving bat habitates throughout the world. They are doing great things to help our little bat friends.
Lady Michaela of made this graphics for me. We both love batties! Thank you sis for always blessing me with your kindness and generosity.
I do collect bats....not real ones though (taxidermy) link , I'm always on the lookout for more batty things so if you have found other bat resources and would like to see the link on this page please email me at I'd love to see what you've found!
Nov. 2005 I adopted Cleobatra. She's an Egyptian fruit bat that was rescued by BatWorld from an Arizona zoo. She sustained toe injuries from the wire cage she lived in. She's unable to hang upside-down so they made her a hammock :D soooo cute! Her full story: link
Annie passed away in 2007.
May 2007
It's been awhile since I've adopted a bat at Bat World. After hearing about Annie's death I knew I needed to adopt another cutey so today I adopted Mekki, a female hoary bat with wing injuries. A man was cutting down a tree that Mekki was in, she was saved because his dog started barking and wouldn't stop (full story).
May 2007
Today I also adopted a bat for my mum. It's part of her Mother's day gift. My mum has been taking care of feral cats for many years. The story of Mr. Kitty is so unique. He's a Mexican Free-tail bat that was recused by a feral cat that lives in the back of Bat World. Miss Kitty (the cat) gently carried him in her mouth and brought him to Amanda. It's the third bat she has recused (full story)
Oh look at that pretty face and gorgeous fur coat. Hoary bats usually likes solitude but Mekki has friends that she lets nuzzle under her wing and coat.....too cute!!
Mr. Kitty
Miss Kitty
Mr. Kitty peeking out of a roosting
rock, checking on his neighbors.

Someday I hope to adopt all the bats listed at Bat World Sanctuary :o) If you haven't already adopted a bat at Bat World, I encourage you to get involved, you're going to love how it makes you feel!

Note: these adoptions are not connected to the 15% donations given from Boutique de Gothic Window when purchases are made. Just in case anyone is wondering.