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Ribbon work was most popular during  the late 1800's and early 1900's. Victorian women would create flowers with ribbon by hand sewing each petal individually. They would embellish their garments and homes with lovely ribbon flowers. With today's technology silk flowers can be mass-produced, though beautiful, there is nothing like a handmade vintage ribbon flower. I've been learning these techniques to make some of these flowers for a few years now. I've added some modern touches to add a realistic look to these black roses; such as polymer clay thorns and hand embossed velvet leaves. Although you could find many embossed velvet leaves in the ribbon work today, I haven't seen black ones.
It takes hours to produce one flower. So I hesitated to offer these roses to sell here because the work involved in making a single rose is extensive and on average it takes about 6 feet of ribbon to create one rose. So what you'll be getting with each black rose is my labour of love.
I use black satin ribbon with the exception of the dark purple flowers show with the cabochon rose...that ribbon is imported from Germany.
Long stem rose
Trinity Bouquet
Cabochon rose
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Black Rose Garter
Spiderweb hanging vase with black roses