All of the graphics found on this site has been made by me (unless otherwise indicated below), mostly by using the things I have found around my apartment and copyright free clip art books. It's taken me a few weeks of working day and night to get these graphics done so please don't steal them from me. I know this is the internet and it will happen...not saying my graphics are worth stealing but it happens. If you're going to take something from this site please give me credit...thanks.
Images used
A special thanks to these people who have given me permission to use their photographs on my site.
BatWorld Sanctuary
Daniella, thanks for letting me use your awesome Gothic window image.....I love it so much!
Amanda Lollar, Founder/President of
Bat World Sanctuary for the use of the bat images to promote bat conservation on my site.
Dynamic Drive
For the html codes used on this site.
Mayang's Free Textures
For the textures used to make some of the graphics here.
For the use of this blade pic seen on this page and on the Alchemy Gothic section.Thanks so much Kramer.
Thanks also to these site:
Pretty Brush
Thank you so much Nik for the sky photo used on links page.
Bat Conservation International
Thank you for the copyright release for the bat image.
Other usage:
For the use of the pretty cracks and pretty trees brushes I used on two of the manips I did.
Jenn's Sanity
For a lot of the fonts used on this site.
Thank you S.C. for the use of the Bob and Bella banner.
Simply the best fonts
For the use of the bat brushes.
Lady Michaela of
For her amazing bats graphic on my bats page, and banner on all the Alchemy Gothic pages.Thank you *hugs*
Thanks girl for the use of your beautiful image on the background for the Alchemy Gothic section.
Alchemy Gothic
Thank you Joy for the use of the product images used on this site.
Thanks Bethany for the use your amazing brushes.