These are some of the friend's I've made from this site. Thanks guys for the pics. I love you all. You make my days shine brighter!! You've touched my life and my heart in so many ways. I am forever thankful to have you in my life.
This is Stef from FL. Yeah I know, she's gorg!! We've known each other for several years and I love her dearly. Her friendship is one of the biggest blessings the Lord has given me from this site. Girl you rock, I love ya!!
Billy is my bud from Kentucky. He has a Christian band called Final Reign. He's become such a good friend, praying for me and my family.
The Black Immortal, our friendship is truely a remarkable thing. He's a pagan leader and more. Our differences join us and brings very interesting email correspondence. He's talented in so many of the arts. If you're's stage blood, this was taken from one of his stage proformances of a vampire play he wrote. Here's something he wrote to me in an email, it's so beautiful: "The leaves desert the trees Leaving only the Barren Trunks like twisted groping Fingers... searching.

More friends..... 
Eunicia from Yap   Jeanna from Cali  Lindsay from Cali  Rick from PA 
Lacy from TX
Lee from IN
Mark from England
Kristin from Cali
Kory from IN
Kim from PA
Jesse from Kentucky
Gislana from NJ
John from Mill Creek
Alayna from Mich.
Richard from Missouri
Kristen from N.H.
Gabriella from NJ

CJ is precious to me. She's from PA. She keeps me young. I love her heart.
Amz and Emm, the twins from Nottingham, England. They were one of my first friends I made from this site. We've been through a lot of emotions together, I love them both.  You girls are good listeners as well as good friends. Cheers!!
Click on the pics to view my friend's site.
DC goth guy, he challenges me, gives me great music to listen to, spends time chatting on messenger with me. I'm thankful to have his friendship.
Belos has a brilliant mind, he makes me laugh with his sense of humour, he has many interesting views. He's a new found friend but already a very good one.
Tony is sweet, he sends me things to laugh at everyday. He's from S.C. and is an excellent author.
Jake is very special to me. The Lord used Jake to bring me closer to Him and to wake me up from a dry time in my life. Thank you Jake for being so open and such a good friend. May the Lord bless you!
This is a new friend but a very sweet one. Her name is the Mistress Delialh, and she's from Calgary, Canada.
This is CM from N.H. she's so sweet. We've known each other for some time now. She's very special to me.
This is Amie, she's from Australia but now lives in Houston. Jake introduced us. I really enjoy chatting with her. She's so sweet.....and look at that smile.

This is Amie wrestling....she's second in her district....girl you go!!!!
This is Avalon and Jasmine. She's great....I love her so much. I asked her if she ever wanted to see what she'd look like as a vampireress and she gave me the go ahead to do this but she wanted Jasmine to go on the dark side as well. She doesn't have any images of her on her site so this is the first time her image is appearing on the web....and I had the honour of showing her beauty off :o)
Myriam is my friend from Chile. We have so much in common, literature, art, crafts, film, and more. It's really amazing being that she lives so far away and is so much younger than I am. We have so much fun writing emails to each other...thank you Myriam for always making me smile.
Tim is very cool...he's so on fire for Jesus. He a really good photographer too. He has a passion for taking photos of graveyard scenes and gothic models. Check out his site to see all that he has.
Andy is so sweet.We clicked from the first email. She's trying to become a published author so if you know any publishers, let her know...she really has a lot of talent in writing.
The Nocturnal Apostle was one of the first christian/goths I came to know. He's such a faithful brother in the Lord.
Erik is a new friend but I feel like I've known him for a very long time. He's from St. Louis. He loves animals too! We have lots in common but also alot that's not common which makes it so interesting to get to know him. He has a wise, old, beautiful soul. He can write the most awesome emails!! Very detailed and deep stuff. Thanks Erik for the time you spend writing to me and all of your music suggestions. I value your friendship so much!!
Stuart is a christian/goth. He sent me an updated pic of him....he's now allowed to dress goth...wooohooooo!
This is Lays from Brazil. She's been a faithful friend for a long time now. Her love for the Lord is so sweet. She's going to college majoring in design/art. She's taken up singing and sometimes sings in clubs.
Megs says she's from the dirty south (she told me to say she's from the dirty south). She loves to drive fast and work on cars. She always has something wild to say. Thanks for keeping in touch all this time.
Corey is from Mississippi and has the ability to write the most amazing emails to bless my nights with wonderful things to think about as well as to learn. His depth and passion inspires me. Corey if you ever read this you are a huge blessing in my life. Your future is bright...I can see the glow all the way up here in NY.
Heather is from Kansas, we've been friends for quite awhile now, she's always has a word of encouragement for me, and even sends me snail mail to brighten my day...thanks Heather for your faithful friendship.
Stephanie is a new blessing in my life. She says things straight forward and I like that....a lot! I hope our friendship will stand the test of time!
Eve is from Lebanon, she's a christian goth, and she is deeper than most people I know. She blesses me with amazing emails daily, and makes me consider a deeper walk with Jesus. May God bless you rock!!
Joe is from MD. We've become extremely close these past few years. God has blessed me so much with his friendship. In my heart, he's my son and I love him so very much. One day we'll be together, hitting the malls, having our deep talks, listening to death metal, sipping hot tea, getting to know each other even further. Joe you make my life sweet with your love. Know that a mother's love runs deep!
Alyssa is from IL. She's captured my heart with her poetry, emails, and her sweetness. She's even written a report about me for one of her cool is that. Ok Alyssa we all want your hair!!
Patricia is from Brazil. We've been writing each other for a long time now and I've gotten to know what a beautiful person she is. She expresses herself so freely and I admire that so much.
I had to use my vampire glass know to catch the dripping blood :p
Update: I've known Tiff for about 5 years now and about 4 years ago I introduced her to my nephew Justin. They have been in a long distance relationship all this time and recently I got to meet Tiff when she came to NY to visit Justin for the first time so this is an updated pic of her....with her love :o) FINALLY! And who says internet/long distance relationships can't last!!
Carolina is from NJ. She's an extremely talented artist and poet. She just sent me an updated photo...she's gorgeous! She'll soon be attending art college.  
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