These are some of the friend's I've made from this site. Thanks guys for the pics. I love you all. You make my days shine brighter!! You've touched my life and my heart in so many ways. I am forever thankful to have you in my life.
Click on the pics to view my friend's site.
Val is such a blessing to me....his music is just amazing. Christian/goth music at it's on his pic to check it out.
Mark is an extrodinary writer....and a really funny guy too. He's been such a good friend over the past few months.
He has written a book and has asked me to do an art piece for it....WOOT!!...yep people I'm going to be a published artist....because of dear Mark here!! Thanks rock my fishnets off!!
Russ is such a sweet guy.    He's so on fire for Jesus.           Rock on Russ!!                                                        
Linda is from Oregon. She's been a dear friend for awhile now. She always calls me on the phone when I'm needing a friend to talk to. She even writes me hand written snail mail and sends me creative cards too. Thanks Linda for spending the minutes
on your phone for me and for being such a blessing in my life!! She runs a vampire role play...go check it out!

Kramer is from PA but he's moving to NY....near to me in less than a week....woohoo!! He's comig over for cheese fries after he gets settled in :P In such a short time we got to be good friends. He faithfully writes me everyday. Kramer if you read this, I think you're so very cool dude!!
Jeremy is from Texas. He always sends me funny stuff to read. And even though we don't keep in touch's always good to hear updates from him.
This is Candice and her brother. They're from Cali. Candice just recently committed her life to Jesus. She's in a band with her bf Sam...they're touring this summer.
I've been blessed to get to know The Lady Michaela of She's always encouraging me and her love for the Christian/goth community is a huge inspiration for me. She's such an amazing person and her site is really something special. She has lovely
Christian/goth crafts that
I have known Matthew for awhile now but keep forgetting to ask him if he'd allow me to add his photo here. His heart for the Lord inspires me to be more than a conqueror for Christ. His emails are consistantly encouraging me to press on. He is one of those remarkable people that will continue to do great things in the Kingdom of God. Thank you Matthew for writing me even when you don't hear from me in awhile...I truely value your friendship!
This is Chantal from Québec, Canada and although I don't know her directly through this site, I have met her through Matthew (^above) and we are becoming good friends. She has such an amazing personality and beautiful soul...+ she loves batties too!! I love this pic of her...the clothing, awesome sword, background, just the whole feel to this lovely!...thank you for letting me post it here. You are gorgeous Chantal!! May God bless our friendship!^*^
This is Mari from Kuopio, Finland. She is just the sweetest friend! Due to my negligence to our friendship, I have lost contact with her. If you ever read this Mari, please email me or if someone who knows Mari reads this please ask Mari to email me....thank you. I have searched so many different search engines to find Mari and since I don't know Finnish and there isn't too many Finnish online translators, it's very difficult. Sometimes I am so stupid....I'm so sorry Mari for not keeping better contact with you! May God bless you always!
Gerri is from Tenn. She's such a talented person and a good friend. I love her style....gothic lolita! She added me as a character in her comic book...that's so cool...thanks so much Gerri! Since she doesn't have internet access at the moment she still keeps in contact with me via snail-mail :o)
This is Kevin. I met him through Lady Michaela from He has become a really good friend and he lives near me so I've had him over for dinner and we're planning to get together for tea sometime soon. He's a man of integrity, very polite, and just a really nice person to be around.
Click on his pic to see a manip I did of him and his cats :D
This is Donna and Mike from Kentucky. Donna was my first official customer at Boutique de Gothic Window. God didn't only bless me with her supporting my business, He also gave me a huge gift of her friendship. She has the most amazing personality, humour, and beautiful heart, and
look at her....she's
gorgeous!! We both
have techie
This is Kris, Alyssa's friend from IL. He is really such a sweet guy! He writes me notes to see how I'm doing even when he doesn't hear from me in awhile. God bless you and your family Kris! If you click on his pic, you can see a pic I made from this image :D
she sells on her site too. She's always sending me such nice gifts...some that she's made and some that she's bought....which is so sweet that she thinks of me while are such a good friend Michaela...thank you for blessing my life!
(Manips I've done of the Lady Michaela)
Pastor, author, and illusionist David Dellman
is such an amazing

person! I have been blessed to call him friend. Getting to know him has been such a huge pleasure for me. He has two awesome sites: Gothic and his gothic illusionist site. Must see!! Manips I've done of him.