This is for those of you who are looking for the right one, your soul-mate or for those of you who just like to go into chat rooms to see who's out there. I met my husband Liam in a yahoo chat room. He IMed me while he was at work. He's a Network/security Engineer, so any spare time he had he would talk to me online. He's from Dublin Ireland. (Irish guys rock!!) As our friendship grew deeper he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was going to meet him in Dublin but the plans fell through. He suggested to meet half way, in New York but that fell through too. Then he told me he would come to Hawaii to meet me but he could stay for only two weeks.
During those months of waiting until that day we could be together, we longed for each other. We spoke on the phone everyday for a few hours, really getting to know each other. We knew we were meant to be together, we were soul-mates, connected somehow. Then he asked me to marry him while we were online. I said yes:o) After talking about it in-depth, he decided he would quit his job, tell everyone good-bye, leave his country, and come to Hawaii to be married to a woman he's never met and live in a place he's never seen. Pretty radical huh!?! What a man huh!?! ;-) We were married shortly after he arrived.
We were created for one another, we fit together perfectly, we have so much fun together. We respect each other and communicate so well. He's a very special man and he makes me feel so deeply loved. To find your true love, that one that you belong with, is a gift from God, it comes from above. Never settle for anything less then that.