Moon Art and Design on Zazzle
Awesome art products!
Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing
Extrodinary original designs made in the UK. Custom made pieces too!! Must see site!!!!
XtraX Underground Fashion
Lots of unusual boots and fashion from Germany.
Bat shopping
Bat World Sanctuary's extensive shopping...I shop here all the time, it's a must see site!
Noctimania Gothic Clothing
Alchemy Gothic of England
The most beautiful pewter creations I've ever seen. Check out my boutique for some of their fine products.
Fanplusfriend Garden
You will not believe how gorgeous the clothing is here....WOW!
Gallery Serpentine
Beautiful but expensive.
Black Rose
Cute stuff and amazing jewelry!
I love so many things at this site!
Spider's Web
Nice selection and really cute bags!
Very long list of online Gothic clothes and there's a description of what to expect on each site...which is nice!
Gorey Details
I love this site!! I have a long list of stuff I'm saving up to get from this site. Edward Gorey designs, Nightmare Before Christmas designs, and more.
England based site but an extensive variety of shoes and boots.
Wrought iron, gates, sooooo much more!!
Old Curiosity Shop
Lots of Gothic links.
Design Tuscano
Historical reproductions......really cool funiture and stuff for your house!
Black Page Directory
An extensive list of Gothic shops
Free Gothic Art
Yes FREE! Beautiful Art to choose from!
Lady Micheala has such an awesome site. Her site was the first Christian-goth site I saw on the web and it has inspired the making of this site.
The Grave Robbers
The Grave Robbers ministry is an outreach for Chistian Goths, It is Goth mom Donna's site.....go say hello....she's one awesome goth woman :D
CRI Christian
Research Institute
This site has a lot of resources and information about different cults and world religion from a Christian perspective. Hank Hanegraaff has a radio show called the Bible answer man....dude has studied his bible intensively!
Bible Gateway
Bible verse look up and much more!


BatWorld Sanctuary
This is my favourite bat conservation site. They do amazing work to rehabilitate and rescue bats from all over the world. They have a bat adoption program....a must see site!
Bat Conservation International
This is a similar bat conservation site with lots of bat links and bat resources.
Young Conservationists
A really informative article on bats a group of young people found while researching bats! Thanks!
Kelsey's Bat Research Find
Julie and Kelsey shared this cool bat site with me....loads of info.!
Incredible Bats
This is a Christian bat conservation site. They give out free bat tracks and have bible verses about bats.
Bat Box
Lots of info about building bat houses, plants that bats will be attracked to...and more. Bat links galore.


Moon Art and Designs
My sister and her partnern's art gallery. Amazing work!
A Digital Archive of Architecture
Awesome images of Gothic architecture.
Art Crimes
An amazing Graffiti site showing graffiti from all over the world. I have it linked to the graffiti in Europe...because that's my faves. .
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Dark goths culture. A deep and varied portal about the gothic culture, fashion, music, dating, decor, miscellany, and even gothic tourism, all by one enthusiast of the dark and morbid culture.
Gothic Beauty Magazine
My favourite magazine. Lots of music interviews, fashion ideas, make-up designs, and links where you can get all geared up.
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