In the past I have noticed that some of the sites I exchanged banners with change the theme of their sites. It starts off not being satanic for example then later I'm asked by my visitors to this site why I'm linked to a satanic's very disturbing to me to say the least. Anyway I was going to do a banner exchange thing again on this revamped site of mine but decided against it. I can't keep track of all the changed sites...there's not enough hours in my day to do that. I wasn't going to give out a banner because I cannot offer the same exchange in return. However, if you have a site that you're not planning to turn into a satanic site or the like and you would like to exchange a banner with me, email me and I'll take a look at your site. If you are taking this banner or button to link to my site...I thank you for giving me the traffic and deeming this site worthy to link to.
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